Material Storage Policy

Customer Material Storage Policy

It is the policy of All Foils, Inc. to store customer’s material for toll processing at no charge. This policy is in effect for the first 30 days after receipt of customer material. If All Foils, Inc. has processed any of customer’s material during the allotted time, we will continue to extend our no charge policy for an additional 30 days. Orders must be at a minimum of $250. This process may continue on an ongoing basis.

Dimension of Customer Material

Any material customer wishes to store at All Foils, Inc. that does not follow the guidelines stated above will be assessed a charge of $25 per skid, with a minimum monthly charge of $200. Skid sizes not to exceed 36″W X 48″L X 48″H.

Larger Dimensional Material

If customer is sending All Foils, Inc. larger dimensional skids than 36″W X 48″L X 48″H, please notify your All Foils sales representative prior to shipping to our facility.

Material Storage Policy
Material Storage Policy